Welcome to 321 Lending Corporation

Who Are We

Our Vision

 To make a positive difference to the local community with ethical lending via:- 

Support to entrepreneurs to attain their dream of being a business owner.

Assisting small businesses with cash flow access and management.

Provide access to low interest lending especially to those that do not have access to traditional lending institutions


Our Values


We will always treat you with Respect – The way we treat you will be the way you treat us.



We pride ourselves on our Honesty, this means no secrets, no surprises. 


We believe Trust is earned and so we want to build this together through ensuring our first two values.

About Us


321 Lending Corporation was formed to fill a need within our local community for easy access to low interest lending.

We see constantly that people that do not have access to traditional lending facilities are forced to take out high interest loans, often with unregulated lenders.


To support you build your bridge to success in your business startup or business expansions and if situations arise that you were not expecting, you have access to lend money at a rate that you can recover from fast and not be weighed down with high interest payments.

We Are a Responsible Lender

Credit Decisions

Although we are in the business of lending money, we wish to ensure we do business in a responsible manner. We make our credit decision based on your circumstances, with you and your family’s best interests and future in mind.

Before Applying for Any Loan

Keep in mind that borrowing money, even from a low interest lender like ourselves, can be expensive over time and should only be used as a short to medium term solution to financial needs. We ask you to consider the following before applying for ANY loan:

  · Our loans are designed for assisting you and your family over the short to medium term for assisting with things like starting a micro-business, growing your micro-business where additional cash flow can support it, supporting your family needs during a short to medium term cash gap etc. So please do ask yourself, do I really need to take a loan at this time?  

  · Lending is not a solution to a debt burden unless you are maintaining your debt payments presently and in taking an additional loan, you are doing so at decreased interest rates whilst at the same time, paying off high interest loans with the proceeds. If you feel the stress of your present financial situation then taking additional loans without paying off higher interest loans will only make your situation worse. So please ask yourself, am I lending for the right reasons and will it help or hinder mine and my family’s present situation? 

We Take Our Responsibility Seriously

We assess all applications with an identical methodology, ensuring a fair and transparent decision making process.

We carry out a Credit check for ALL loan applications. 

We base our decision on your credit history, capacity to repay and your suitability for a loan at this time.

Loan Types

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321 Lending Corporation

National Highway, Barangay Binan, Pagsanjan, Laguna

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